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We're watching " Tiger King " on Netflix for sure. Our recommendations also include " Night on Earth ", " Ozark ," and more. See our picks. Feature documentary about legendary oceanographer, marine biologist, environmentalist and National Geographic Explorer-in-Residence Sylvia Earle, and her campaign to create a global network of protected marine sanctuaries.

Coral reefs around the world are vanishing at an unprecedented rate. A team of divers, photographers and scientists set out on a thrilling ocean adventure to discover why and to reveal the underwater mystery to the world.

Four scientists provide sweeping and intime narration of majestic coast of Peru from land, air and sea. Friends of Mine is a feature length documentary that chronicles the experiences of several young men who take part in a summer camp for the developmentally disabled population.

The goal of A visually stunning documentary that reflects human's relationship to other species on Earth as humanity becomes more and more isolated from Nature.

In this adventure documentary, Craig In the heart of city of dreams, Mumbai, the leading urban metropolis of India, single independent women are facing housing discrimination because of their status of being 'unmarried'.

In the far reaches of the North, wolf and bear come head to head. Winter has been long.

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The melting ice reveal scattered carcasses in the Swamp: a feast worth fighting for. The bears must Leslie Caron, beloved star of Gigi and An American in Paris, reveals secrets of her work and life - a world of contradictions, ambitions, and dreams, lived by one of the most luminous Documentary about Rohani, an year-old hunter who dives like a fish on a single breath, descending to great depths for several minutes.

jago jago jago

Set against the spectacular backdrop of the Togian Islands in Indonesia where he grew up, this award-winning film recreates events that capture the extraordinary turning points in his life, as a hunter and as a man. Written by Emma Hansen. Highly recommended. The camera work, footage, music combined with the simplicity makes this a masterpiece.

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[Video] Rahman Jago, Zlatan, Jamo Pyper – “Of Lala”

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jago jago jago

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The show was then re-branded as Jago Pakistan Jago. Sanam Jung came on as a host from 1 September and quickly became public's favorite host. She had to take month-long maternity leave at the end of the year.

Sanam Jung came back in February [6] and hosted the show till the last episode on 30 November Jago Pakistan Jago concluded on 30 Novemberafter 13 years of telecast. No reason was given for this abrupt end. The show ended with a grand episode remembering everything from the past.

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From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Daily Times. Retrieved 22 November Pakistan Degrees. Retrieved 13 March Current broadcasts on Hum TV.

[Music] Rahman Jago, Zlatan, Jamo Pyper – “Of Lala”

Resham Gali Ki Husna Jadugaryan. Suno Chanda 3. Hum TV Telefilms. Categories : Pakistani television series Hum TV series Television shows set in Karachi Pakistani television series debuts Pakistani television stubs. Namespaces Article Talk.

jago jago jago

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Breakfast Television Entertainment.Shadow Jago is also the hidden boss of Killer Instinct 's Arcade Modebeing fought at the end of the ladder instead of Fulgore under special conditions.

Upon initial release, Shadow Jago was merely a skin who had the exact same moveset as the normal Jago. However, the Killer Instinct Community Fund would change that in For the two weeks, all proceeds from Killer Instinct profits would be donated to the competitive tournament scene. He was "unleashed" on December 4th, In appearance, Shadow Jago is almost identical to Jago except for a few key changes. His skin is a pale blue, he has pupil-less eyes, has chains in place of rope wrapped around his torso, and various articles of clothing are tattered.

His facemask is stylized after a skeletal jaw, and his knee guards more closely resembles skulls than they do tigers. Rather than Jago's scimitar, Shadow Jago wields a serrated, saw-like blade. His visual effects such as the Shendokuken are colored purple, blue, and black, as opposed to Jago's previously orange, yellow, and white effects. His voice is much more sinister and darker than Jago's, often resorting to deep guttural growls rather than words. Even though his voice is different, both Jagos share the same lines.

Shadow Jago is a merciless monster who fights without any signs of restraint, bellowing with fury and growling like an animal as he pummels his enemies with a barrage of attacks from all angles.

He mindlessly seeks out those who would oppose Gargos so that he may defeat them and transmit their energies to his master. Omen can speak using Shadow Jago as a conduit whenever he chooses, giving him the same cold and cocky attitude Omen normally has.

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As Shadow Jago, Jago's powers were boosted by Gargos' evil influence. All of his energy attacks became purple in color, and he also gained the ability to teleport in a flash of darkness. Torn by inner conflict for his past deeds, Jago embraces the Tiger Spirit only to discover it is a false prophet.

Corrupted by the evil of GargosJago is transformed into Shadow Jago, a dark reflection of the once noble warrior. Driven to conflict, every defeated opponent feeds energy directly to Gargos, drawing him closer to this plane of reality and the eventual destruction of mankind.

Shadow Jago is not fought in Arcade Mode by conventional means and must be unlocked to fight. In order to fight him, you must see all three endings of a character in Arcade Mode, regardless of difficulty. After doing that, that character or any other character that has all three endings must go through Arcade Mode again on at least Hard or higher difficulty.

The player must not lose one fight, get two Supreme Victories, Ultra one opponent before the Rival character, and then Ultra the Rival.

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If the conditions are met, the final fight against Fulgore is skipped and Shadow Jago is fought in the Shadow Tiger's Lair instead. This unplayable version of Shadow Jago has been tweaked in a few ways that make him different from the playable "skin version".

He utilizes the move Ninja Slide from Jago in Killer Instinct 2, which allows him to slide across the floor to attack and, if successful, end up on the opposite side of his opponent. Shadow Jago also utilizes a brand new dive kick, later to be known as Dark Stalking. He can throw two Shendokukens at once, rather than just one.

He also has buffed stats, including super armor on some moves, and can finish you off with the game's only Ultimate Combo. During an Ultra Combo, the lair will collapse, and the rope that holds the bell in place collapse, causing the bell to crash onto the bridge which leads the entrance to the lair. Killer Instinct Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki. Contents [ show ]. Shadow Jago's special versus pose when fought as a boss.Jago is a character and one of the protagonists from the Killer Instinct series of video games.

Jago was abandoned as a baby at a secluded monastery in the Himalayas where he was trained by the Monks of the Tiger. When he reached adulthood a fellow warrior—under the influence of an evil force—tried to murder him, but Jago killed the man in self-defense. To atone for this sin he became a hermit, isolating himself in a mountain cave and turning his thoughts inward, meditating on his actions and the guilt he carried from the act.

During this time, he was visited by the Tiger Spirit and infused with a tremendous power. Age: Occupation: Meditating and Training.

Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki. Do you like this video? Now I cleanse my soul with your death! Contents [ show ]. Jago battling Riptor in the Killer Instinct Comics. Jago and his sister Orchid as seen in Killer Instinct 1. Jago battling Fulgore as seen in Killer Instinct 1.

Jago as seen battling Glacius in Killer Instinct 2. Jago battling T. Combo as seen in Killer Instinct Jago in his Classic Outfit as seen in Killer Instinct Categories :.Jago is a player character in the Killer Instinct fighting game series created by Rare. Introduced in the original Killer Instinct inhe has appeared in every entry in the series to date.

A monk who fights with the aid of a mysterious tiger spirit, Jago is the male protagonist of the series, along with his older sister Orchid. Jago is a Tibetan monk and a powerful warrior. Abandoned as a baby, he was found by the Monks of the Tiger, an order who worship an ancient deity known as the Tiger Spirit, and raised in their monastery as one of their pupils.

Over the years, Jago matures into one of the Order's finest students until he is one day visited by the Tiger Spirit during meditation.

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The Tiger Spirit chooses him as its champion and grants him new power, ordering him to enter the first Killer Instinct tournament and destroy Ultratech. Though nearly overwhelmed by the Tiger Spirit's power, Jago follows orders and helps to bring down Ultratech, destroying Fulgore in the process.

However, in Killer Instinct 2Jago is betrayed by the Tiger Spirit, who reveals itself to have been the demon Gargos all along, having used Jago to gain entrance to the physical world.

Jago seeks revenge for Gargos' manipulation and defeats both him and Fulgore, who was revived with the sole purpose of killing Jago. In the aftermath, Jago seemingly defeats and banishes Gargos and discovers that Orchid is his sister, the two having been separated when their parents were murdered shortly after Jago's birth.

AUDIO + VIDEO : Rahman Jago X Zlatan Ibile X Jamopyper – Of LaLa

In the rebootJago is the son of Orchid's military father, Jacob, and a foreign aid worker in Pakistan with whom he had an affair. Shortly after Jago's birth, his mother disappears with him into the Himalayas, and he is later found abandoned by the Monks of the Tiger. The monks raise Jago from birth and train him in combat, but he isolates himself after killing a fellow warrior possessed by an evil spirit in self-defense.

Meditating in a mountain cave, he is visited by the Tiger Spirit and infused with his power. The Spirit orders him to destroy Ultratech by participating in the Killer Instinct tournament, and Jago complies, though he worries when the Spirit becomes more bloodthirsty, nearly causing him to murder his long-lost sister Orchid.

Following the tournament, Jago discovers the Spirit is actually Gargos. Jago experiences a crisis of faith and tries to exorcise Gargos's influence from within him by seeking out the strongest of opponents. This crisis of faith is symbolized through his new costume, which consists of various materials cannibalized from the now abandoned Tiger Shrine, including tiles arm guardsbits of broken statues knee padsdrapery, and ropes from a chandelier leg bindings and harness.

However, Jago succumbs to the corruption, allowing Omen to possess him and transforming him into Shadow Jago. Eventually, Jago fights back against his possession, and Omen is forced to abandon Jago's body, though his time spent in Jago's body gives him enough strength to manifest on the mortal plane and he escapes.

Jago later joins Maya's rebel force alongside Orchid and T. Combo, planning to defeat both Ultratech and Gargos, but they are trapped by Ultratech forces at Maya's headquarters in the Andes while ARIA's plan to summon Gargos is brought to fruition.

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The game also features a new version of the character called Shadow Jago, an altered version of Jago who is under the possession of Omen, Gargos's herald. Following Omen's expulsion from Jago's body, Shadow Jago manifests as his own separate being and becomes a minion of Gargos. Initially, Shadow Jago was only available as a playable character for those who purchased a month Xbox Live membership during the launch of the Xbox Onecontrolling identically to Jago but with some visual and vocal differences.

In Season One's story mode, he was included as a secret boss possessing both new moves and an Ultimate Combo, becoming the only character to receive one until a update. Following a successful fundraiser, the playable version was reworked and given a unique move set based on his boss incarnation.

The updated version of Shadow Jago was released in Decemberand the character became permanently available for purchase by all players in April The character was well received. According to GamesRadar"this sword-wielding warrior monk is basically the Ryu of KI : a poster boy with an accessible move set and a noble cause. Jago's specials will be instantly recognizable to any fighting game fan. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Killer Instinct. Retrieved Retrieved 25 April Black Orchid Fulgore Jago.We specialise in art and design, plate-making, printing, packaging, labelling and distribution to New Plymouth, the Taranaki, and throughout New Zealand.

jago jago jago

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